Aesthetic Retail

Shopping refers to retail therapy for a lot of us but when the pleasure of buying is combined with an aesthetic view, that is a whole new level of calm.

In this post, Imma take a break from my usual pics of the day’s haul and show ya some of the most artistic decor that I’ve come across in malls, individual shops and even the cinema. This post is strictly ♦aesthetic♦

Starting any endeavour with sweets keeps bitterness out of the journey which is why I will begin this blog with a sweet shop in Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian capital is very scenic and the shops here have an amazing way of welcoming customers by having attractive sculptures or paintings at the entrance. The Ferrero shop here already had my heart, as is the norm with any sweet shop and I was immediately drawn to the Kinder sculpture at the entrance. Kinder Joy has always been one of my favourite sweets and I find the mascot exceptionally cute, especially with all the props. I have quite a collection of the mascot boxes but I hadn’t seen one this big since visiting Kuala Lumpur. Besides, the background is to live for. Ferrero Rocher is the essence of life.


Remember when Avengers:Endgame was all the rage? That time, not so long ago, when the merchandise exceeded the memes? That’s the timeline we’re gonna follow. Singapore was extremely excited for the film’s release and every mall in the city had Avengers paraphernalia to celebrate the occasion. This is the Endgame corner at Suntec City Mall in Singapore. There were trailers and snippets playing on all the screens and life-size figurines at every turn which made the whole place a lovely photo booth:) Besides, the merchandise was mind-blowing. I even bought a Thor plushie!

That’s Thor’s alter ego, Captain Asgard at your service:) hehe….

My humour disappeared with the snap of the gauntlet…..

This wall art was at a cafe in Pune. I love the vintage “grandma’s home” vibe that the arrangement gives and the plates coordinate so well with the roses. True to its decor, the cafe is called ‘Grandmama’s Cafe’ and has the best mushroom soup ever:)

These are two sculptures at the Phoenix Marketcity Mall in Pune. The one with the swan is a part of the mall’s winter decor while the one with the conch is its autumn decor. The mall coordinates its aesthetic arrangements with the seasons and I really love that! It’s always a pleasure to enter the mall and see a changed decor like flowers for spring, pastels for summer, fiery palettes for autumn and dark and glowing shades for winter, it gives that tug of excitement of changing seasons and passing time:)

Just like Singapore was hyped for Endgame, India was hyped for ‘The Lion King’. The film has the hearts of many Indians and the release of the live action really gave the cinema some creative posters like this one here. The run-up to the live action release saw an amazing range of merchandise and decor and every store had a Lion King range to showcase. The Lion King is my favourite film of all time so I absolutely loved India’s reception to it and even bought a Timon and Pumbaa plushie to celebrate. The Lion King sure makes the Circle of Life a better place to be in:)

The ‘My Melody’ cafe in Singapore is my personal aesthetic. It’s pink and it’s got bunnies, what more could a girl want! I absolutely adore Cinnamoroll and her pink cap and bow:) Singapore is a ‘My Melody’ fans’ heaven and his cafe really has my whole heart, topped with a sweet strawberry:)))

The last picture is an Elephant sculpture at the Amanora Mall in Pune. This sculpture has a lot of effort put into it and it was wonderful to see the complete decor. I love the minimalistic yet grand arrangement and the flowers really make the Elephant stand out. The elephant’s called Eddie, btw:) Ending with elephants is a strong conclusion if I ever saw one.


And that is a wrap!

Until next time:)

Au Revoir!


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