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When I was a wee lamb, I used to think that skylines referred to some sort of cosmic line in the sky and that it had something to do with aliens. Imagine the disappointment when I found out that they are so called because of the ‘line’ formed by the continuous heads of skyscrapers.


Fun fact though, it didn’t disappoint me. True, I didn’t get aliens but the border of buildings at the horizon gives me a sense of approaching a new world and whenever I come across a skyline, I get these butterflies in my stomach, almost as though I’m entering Narnia or something. So, without further ado, Imma show you five of my favourite skyline pictures.



This is a part of the skyline in Mumbai, consisting of corporate buildings, hotels, residential buildings and so on. This can be seen from a place called Nariman Point which is basically a nice walking plaza along the sea. The skyline is also called ‘The Queen’s Necklace’ as it looks like a golden necklace at night when all lit up. However, Skylines can be enjoyed at any time of the day. In the picture, there’s a slight foggy background which gives the horizon a mysterious touch and contrasts well with the blue of the Arabian Sea.

This is an interesting skyline as it is taken at very close quarters. London has a couple of interesting skylines but this shot felt unique due to the variety of structures at the horizon. I also like how the lamppost includes itself in the skyline, giving the picture a slight gothic feel. The London Eye contrasts well due to its shape and I feel that it sums up the historical as well as the trendy vibe that London emanates. I also like the slight contrast in the sky colours. There’s a nice mix of ye old British weather and a spot of blue which adds to the fun upon the Thames.

This is one of my favourite views of all time. Singapore has multiple pretty skylines at the same spot but the fun part is that all these skylines have different viewing points. So in order to get a complete view, one has to climb steps, walk through stations, walk through malls, dodge some crowd and get a good cardio but it’s worth it.

This picture gives me major ‘Crazy, Rich Asians’ vibes. It was shot here, that’s why.


This is my favourite skyline ever. I like how the Eiffel Tower gives this Colossus of Rhodes vibe, following which there’s a lovely skyline further enhanced by the sunset. I also love the layers of colour in the skyline, starting from the Earthly shades of the trees to the white and gold buildings and finally the dusky sky. Another reason why this skyline is unique is because of its terrestrial nature. It reminds me of those shots in films where the protagonist is waiting atop a cliff overlooking the the city and a whole magical land is spread out in front of their eyes.

This skyline in Santorini looks like multiple ecosystems combined into one. You’ve got the sea followed by a tiny bit of plain and finally a hill. The village of Oia on the top of the rocks looks like snow and under different weather conditions, it would really resemble a snow capped mountains, hehe. What I find unique here is that the village which is composed of proper houses and buildings, looks like a flat sheet-like topping, even at close quarters. This gives it a rather eerie feel especially when minutes later, you find yourself touring the village of Oia and the buildings make it quite a maze. Besides, it’s amazing how such an intricate village is built on such a jagged cliff. Bonus points for the colours:)

And that is a wrap!

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