Waxworks in London

Wax museums, when shown in films, are portrayed as places showcasing events of gore and infamous crimes, often the epicentre for any form of horror or gothic activity. In the film ‘House of Wax’ (1953,2005) the wax museum is a literal death-trap(*spoiler alert probably*) and in the show ‘Penny Dreadful’, the Putney Family Wax Museum is shown to be a hotspot for grisly crimes such as the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders among others.

Coming to real life, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London did not exactly house global stars at its origin. Marie Tussauds, made an eerie little vocation out of making heads and figures for the poor (or not) souls guillotined at the time of the French Revolution and back then, if someone had a statue of themselves in the wax museums, they’d probably lost their head earlier on(literally.)

Fun fact though; Marie Tussauds made her own wax statue years before her demise. That is said to be one of the first statues at the museum.

Fast track a lifetime and today, Madame Tussauds is home to nearly every global icon, historical as well as of present times, including a toy-train ride and a 4-d show, not to forget about 21 branches worldwide.

So, without further delay, let the world famous fun begin, minus any run ins with psychotic wax sculptors or guillotined spirits cause my mum didn’t let me visit the crime and gore section of the museum as she thought it would leave a ghastly impact.


This is a statue of Sherlock Holmes outside Madame Tussauds. The museum’s on Baker Street so the detective and Kim Kardashian do share one thing in common; The location of their statues in London. It ends there.

Tom Cruise was the first statue I came across in the museum. Unlike its live counterpart, the sculpture didn’t exactly ride a bike through the museum or climb onto the roof to jump down and run across London. That however would be a cool plot for Mission Impossible nine.

Tom Cruise stands right in front of the Kim Kardashian statue posing for a selfie.

This is a picture I got off the net cause there is no way one can get a proper picture in the museum. Back when I went, there was a literal queue at this statue and even then, it was impossible to get a picture without someone else photobombing it. I did get a brief glimpse of it though but I guess one has to be early in order to get this picture without photobombs.

Emma Watson. Now when I visited London, I was at the very peak of my Harry Potter craze. Something that hasn’t completely subsided four years later. However, back then, anything to do with Harry Potter had a divine status and this statue was on the top of my list while visiting Madame Tussauds.

E.T!!!! It was one of my favourites at the museum. When I’d seen the movie for the first time at the age of six, it had scared me but now, E.T could come stay with me or I’d just go to the Moon with him. #cutiepie.

The Terminator and Armageddon all in one. I really like how these two statues are placed cause you can get the whole punch of adrenaline in one shot.

The All Star! Shrek is a very satisfyingly built statue cause you can give him a big hug! However, they didn’t have Donkey at the time but Ginger Bread Man didn’t disappoint.

This one is Nadia Comaneci in the Sports Section of the museum. The position of the statue is very cool and brings out that sense of action:)

It’s hard to make out which of us actually created the record. It could be anybody.

Hehe. Usain Bolt, ladies and gentlemen!

Nadal and Boris Becker were the only ones in the tennis section. With London’s association to the game, I’d have hoped for a more varied tennis section and the fact that they didn’t have Roger Federer at the time was quite a bummer. Overall, I felt they could have hyped this section a bit more and made it stand out, even with these two. The section was probably under repair cause none of the women in tennis were there either. I was hoping for Steffi Graf, probably next time.

Lady Di, stealing the show as always, the ‘People’s Princess’ does have an aura of her own, even in an immortalisation in wax. Besides, recently with Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ dropping in and bringing the whole scandal back in scrutiny, it’s rather stinging and hard-hitting as in the Museum, Princess Diana is placed away from the Royals which will serve as a reminder of the whole drama which is rather sad and heart-breaking. However, she was a ray of light for the people which is the right way to remember her by.

One out of the three has a pea-sized IQ. You can take your pick.

Just show the working of how you arrived at the final answer.



‘We all live in a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine’

British Beatlemania at its finest:) This is all the love you’ll ever need.

Here’s a funny story about this picture. The sweet lady who was taking it asked me who my favourite was and made me sit with Louis Tomlinson who was my fav at the time. After the picture, the lady gave me the card and said, “OOHH, looks like Louis’ got a new girlfriend!”

Unfortunately, I started rooting for Niall Horan after 1D split. The Louis ship never sailed. I’ll tell the sweet photographer next time.


Hehe. That’s my buddy MJ who’s pointing at David Bowie if I’m not wrong. All they needed was Queen and George Michael. That would complete the spell. But now, all I can say is….

You’ve been hit by….You’ve been struck by….A smooth criminal!


The Marvel Bunch. There’s a real cool Superheroes show in 4D at the Museum. It is a must watch as it’s quite fun and relaxing and a very unique story with incredible effects. If you’re ever at Madame Tussauds, London, don’t miss this show, it is an underrated attraction but really a lot of fun. It’s also very sweet, but that’s all from me;)

In a galaxy far, far away….

This one isn’t in Madame Tussauds but since we’re talking statues and superheroes, I didn’t want to leave this out. This was in a toy shop, at the time when Batman vs. Superman was the hype. I am Team Superman. He nailed Justice League anyway.

Finally, here’s a series of images of a toy train ride at Madame Tussauds taking one through Britain’s History.

Looking sharp Shakespeare, the Tempest could do with a better ending though….

God Save The Queen!

The Souvenirs….

The Woodstock figurine is from a shop beside Madame Tussauds but it is a souvenir from the same day.

Fun fact: I share my birthday with Woodstock.


And that is a wrap,

Until Next Time,






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