The Fight After Christmas

Here it was, yet again, that day of 2018! And that, happened to be the very day her alarm clock decided to conk off. She got up with a start, staring in horror as the minute hand slowly inched towards number 6. Half past seven. Half Past Seven! Her heart threatened to burst out of her chest, her mind began to shut down, slowly, steadily. And then she jumped out of bed, ‘Not today’ she thought, striding towards the bathroom, ‘Not when I’m this close.’
Before she knew it, she was rushing down the stairs wearing an ill fitted jumper and faded out jeans. She pushed her irritation regarding her outfit away. It was only momentary. She shoved her feet into her trainers as she fumbled for the car keys, loathing herself for losing her contact less two nights ago. But this clearly wasn’t the time for self-hate, was it? Fortunately, she realized that, what followed was nothing short of Fast and Furious gone wild. Driving in London wasn’t a skill which everyone mastered. After jumping two traffic lights and almost running into 6 pedestrians, she screeched to a halt, in front of Hamleys. She heaved a sigh and looked out of the car. The queues had cleared up. She jumped out and ran up the stairs, barely keeping her balance. She braced herself for the worst, cause after all, it was only for today. “Not now,” she whispered. “I got this.”

It was dark now. And raining. It’s always raining, isn’t it? There are people out there, probably, some having missed a chance, others content. But not she, not today. She smiled as she sipped her tea, cuddled in a blanket, clutching the Limited Edition Ballerina Paddington that was so rightfully hers. She fought for it now, didn’t she? After all, it isn’t called Boxing Day for nothing.

2 thoughts on “The Fight After Christmas

  1. I can relate to this. Grabbing limited edition in half price is a true jackpot
    Very well narrated Samu👍😊

  2. This one sure rings a bell! The excitement and thrill of getting a “good” deal!! Nothing can beat that!! I loved the ending!! Gave me a “Been there, done that” feeling!! Fantastic!!

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