Russell Crowe DOUBLES

I) A Beautiful Mind


‘A Beautiful Mind’ released in 2001 is a biographical drama on the life of John Nash, an American mathematician. This is the overview of the movie given on the DVD cover. As it is rightly said ‘Never judge a book by its cover,’ I guess the same goes for DVDs as well. Especially if you see Russell Crowe on the cover. The first time I saw this movie was on a disc rented from a video library. It had me captured from the moment the menu said ‘Select a Language.’
The entire movie is a journey through God’s greatest and most complicated creations: The mind.
It begins at Princeton University. Year 1947.
John Nash was one of the most brilliant minds of his generation. He took pleasure in his work, aiming for a breakthrough, aiming to find a truly original idea as it was the only way, he felt, in which he could matter. Surprisingly he never attended classes and when asked the reason, his matter-of-fact reply would be, “Classes will dull your mind, destroy the  potential for authentic creativity.”
In a tale of love and courage, it courses through pure magic when the arrival of Charles Herman, the prodigal roommate gives Nash a ‘best friend since Princeton.’
His meeting with Alicia Nash takes his life into a whole new direction. So does his brilliance and his work.
An involvement in a thrilling conspiracy, partnering with a certain Mr. William Parcher sets the theme to a labyrinth of thrill and a test to Nash’s sanity. The reality.
Armed with courage and the undying devotion of Alicia Nash, John discovers a new way of life, the best breakthrough ever made.
‘A Beautiful Mind’ is a truly touching and in a way, an inspiring and miraculous story. It takes us to the depths of unimaginable imagination. One that has no limits.
Starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe as John Nash and Jennifer Connelly as his devoted wife, Alicia Nash, the movie is a beautiful journey ending with a simple but powerful message:
‘Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift, is to discover a beautiful heart.’


II) Gladiator


“Are you not entertained?!
Are YOU not entertained??!!
Is this not why you’re here?!”
After watching this movie, I don’t think anybody would be asking the above questions. In fact, the entire hall would stand up in ovation for the brave Maximus Decimus Meridius.
Released in 2000, ‘Gladiator’ follows the life of a soldier named Maximus Decimus Meridius. After the death of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, Maximus’ family is murdered and he is demoted from ‘soldier’ to ‘slave’ to ‘gladiator’ by Marcus Aurelius’ son Commodus for his thirst to be Emperor.
Fighting within the brutal walls of the Roman arena, Maximus battles more than just people. What he fights the most is his burning rage and desire for vengeance as it guides him through the maze.
Journeying through life, Maximus braves insurmountable odds only to find a way back home. The place he most yearned to be.
I feel that this movie is one of Russell Crowe’s most memorable performances. It comes with a message. A message which tells us to live by who we are and not by what others believe we are. It also tells us that even if we are lost in a dark world, there is always a way back into the light, a way back home. ‘Gladiator’ is one of my favourite movies and it will always be, in this life and the next.
After all I am never going to forget Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the armies of the North, General of the Felix legion and loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Oh and yes, I am highly entertained.

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  1. I really enjoyed watching the doubles and would now also remember the powerful dialogues post reading your blog. Very well written

  2. Well written..I love reading your blog takes you through a real experience and would stay in our minds for very long ! ❤️Well written..

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