Animals help us in so many ways. In fact, they are always around whenever there is work. They are always obedient and faithful and ever ready to help humans. Given this, it seems only fair to help them when they are in need. Here is an incident where I helped one of these faithful creatures of God.

It was evening and I was coming back home from my skating class on my bicycle. Just as I was about to take a turn into the lane which led to my house, I heard a whining sound coming from a distance. At first, I thought it was the wind but soon my curiosity got the better of me and I cycled in the direction where the sound was coming from. As I got closer, I saw a furry,white mass lying beside the footpath. It was a small puppy which had a thorn stuck in one of its paws. the thorn had pierced in pretty deep and the puppy was whining in pain. I picked it up and put it in the basket of the cycle. I then rode as fast as I could to get the puppy to a vet who lived in the locality opposite mine. In about five minutes, I was at the gate of the vet’s locality. I parked my cycle and carefully lifted the puppy. I had wrapped the wound in my bandana. This had controlled the blood flow a bit but it was still bleeding.

With no time to lose, I ran up the stairs to the vet’s house. Taking the stairs was the best thing to do as the elevator was stuck in on the eleventh floor. Besides, the vet lived on the first floor. I knocked at the door, hoping with all my heart that the vet was at home. Soon, fortune smiled on me and the vet herself opened the door and let me in. She took the puppy and placed it on a high table. She examined and said that it was thoughtful of me to have tied the cloth over the wound. otherwise too much of blood flow would have made the wound septic.I took the praise in silence and watched as the vet took out a pair of tweezers and carefully took the thorn out without hurting the pup. it looked at me innocently while the nurse bandaged its wound. I smiled at it. I knew just what to do with it.

I paid the vet and thanked her for her help. I took leave of the vet and cycled back home with the puppy in the basket. As soon as I got home, the first things that my family noticed were the dog and the fact that I was full forty minutes late. I explained the whole ‘Mission Vet’ to them. The explanation was followed by silence.

After what seemed like hours, my father broke the ice and said,”So, we have a new member in the family.”

So the little puppy now had a new home, new family and a new name,’Jasper’. He became a favourite of all the family members and all the members were his favourites too. As for me, I am his best friend. I can now confidently say that a dog is a man’s (In this case a girl’s) best friend.

This is Jasper’s story. From an injured pup on the streets to the most loved member of a family!


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