The Feline Photoshoot

Charles Dickens once said: “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

Truer words have never been uttered.

Having a cat as a part of your family is a full blown ride. I adopted a cat on the fifth of February this year and since then, there’s never a dull moment in the house. My cat is called ‘Fish'(yeah, I named him…..) and he is four and a half months old. Honestly, before adopting him, I had no idea how lovable a living being could be:) Fish is the epitome of contradicting whatever Google says about cats being unfriendly, lazy and detached from humans and this post will show you why.

Now, Imma hand over this blog to none other than Fish the Cat.


This is Fish on the day we brought him home. Isn’t he such a doll? I mean, just look at him, all curled up and tiny. He was a few days away from turning three months old at the time and as this post proceeds, ye lovelies can actually watch him grow in front of you♥

The day we brought him home will forever be a memorable one. It was nearly evening when we got him from the shelter and he was extremely well behaved in his kitty basket. However, when he got home, he ran into a corner and hid cause he was alarmed at the change in surroundings. It took him a while to get on the bed we had made for him and then, he wouldn’t relax unless I had my arm around him like in the picture. He literally fell asleep on my arm for so long and his other comfort was the pink blanket and the orange feathered ball that he liked the moment he saw it.

For the first two days, he’d barely leave my room and run if he saw anyone else in the family but he’s settled supremely since then:))))

This is one of my favourite pictures of Fish. It was taken about a week after he arrived and here he is staring at a pigeon while sunbathing at my window. This is still a favourite spot of his and many times, he even wants his food to be laid out here so he can have lunch with a view.

At this point, if anyone even dares to say that my cat is a spoiled brat, I will seriously……

tell you you’re right.


Will you look at this handsome boy? One of Fish’s favourite activities is to climb on the backrest of the chairs in my drawing room and pretend he’s a tiger on the prowl. He will literally pounce on anything(or anyone) when he’s in ‘Tiger Mode’ and this is one of his stances during that phase. Honestly though, the stripes on his legs and body do give him a very tiger-like appearance his pose here might actually scare a deer, hehe….

One thing that I repeatedly heard when I told people I was getting a kitten was that I had to be prepared for destruction and mess but I speak from experience when I say that our house has gotten cleaner ever since Fish has arrived. You see, when he’s in his ‘Tiger Mode’, he likes to get into tiny crevices and sniff around or jump onto shelves or even enter bags and piles of clothes and because of that, a lot of the unnecessary stuff lying around has been put back in its appropriate place to prevent them from getting in his way. Also, there’s not much scope for destruction cause cats like neatness. Even if Fish gets onto a shelf where there’s intricately arranged things, he’ll come out of it without dropping a thing but if the house is messy, he will get unhappy and stare judgementally:)))


When I say my cat’s not destructive, I do not mean to say that he isn’t naughty. In fact, he is the definition of the word. Now, my cat, being the King of the house, has his very own playpen, equipped with brilliant amenities of bed, carpet, toys, food, water, litter box and air conditioning but our champ decides to make himself comfortable on the roof of the playpen which is a make-shift arrangement done with a shower curtain. Look at how proud he is, ruining all the efforts taken to set the whole thing up.

Honestly, he acts like such a spoilt baby sometimes and I teach him a lesson by clicking pictures like a crazed paparazzi which makes him aloof to his own naughtiness. My parents try to scold him by calling him a ‘naughty boy’ but he wears that title like a king and one can’t simply resist giving him the biggest cuddles, hehe:))))

We’re raising a spoilt cat….But it’s his house so we can’t complain….We’re guests. We get three meals and water. And a lot of kitty love, hehe….

Oh and you see that eye looking back at ye from below, that’s his favourite kitty mat. He gets sad without it.

Our family is way into sports. My dad was a sportsperson, I’ve been playing a sport all my life, so, it was only natural that Fish would enter a very sports-friendly environment. Hence, I present to you, the first equestrian of the family! He’s training for the FEI World Championships in 2026….

Apart from Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Fish also takes a keen interest in High Jump. Here he is, trying to catch a bell collar thrown in the air and if this is his training jump, imagine what a beast he’d be at the Olympics.


No seriously, playing with Fish is a workout equivalent. He loves interactive games and playing catch with the collar is his favourite. He loves variety in our throws and sometimes, that involves running after him to get the collar back which easily burns a whole platter of calories in one sitting. He also loves to play with a toy mouse and pretends he is the one that hunted it but none of us have the heart to tell him otherwise

Fish loves being in places where one doesn’t exactly want a cat to be but he looks good doing it so all charges of trespassing are dropped. He entered my laptop bag….

And an Amazon parcel box…..(Look at that smirk:)))

And a shopping bag that he dropped from the chair….

And a pile of pillows….Honestly, sometimes, we’ll be searching the house for His Majesty and he’ll be pulling a sneaky on us by hiding in any of the above places and then purr when he’s picked up and petted.

Speaking of camouflage and hiding, Imma play a game with you called ‘Spot the Cat’. Here ya go….

Alright, now, Imma show you some magazine quality photos that could top Vogue at any given moment….

Flower Boi:))))

That’s actually a non-functioning pen but nvm, he liked it….

The Sunkissed Evening Bird Watcher….

Yup, he outgrew his kitty basket so now he has a transparent kitty carrier bag. He loves getting in and watching birds and traffic lights or even catching a quick nap.

Isaac Newton, who?


I was literally taking an apple out of the fridge and holding it down while talking to my mother and His Majesty wanted a bite….He got cat food instead cause as much as apples keep doctors away, that adage isn’t applicable to vets.

He’s probably daydreaming that he’s an actual tiger and not a house cat who likes to role play….


That’s Fish with his best friend, Dog. Honestly, I was so hesitant to bring him close to the stuffed toy cause I thought he’ll be scared but I stand amazed….Also, the very cute ‘Pet Me’ eyes are emotional blackmail….Of course I fall for it….

My cat has me(and the whole family) wrapped around his little paw….

A few years before I got Fish, I painted this picture of a cat cause I always loved them so much and it gives me literal goosebumps when I see how much that cat resembles Fish. I think it shocked him too, he looks as though he saw a glimpse of one of his nine lives, hehe….

Finally, a family photo:) We took this on my birthday a couple weeks back and just look at how he’s cuddled my hand and nibbled at my fingers. Being a cat sister, I’ve had my fair share of scratches and bites but he has a very adorable sense of guilt where he licks the wound if he realises that the scratching got a bit out of hand. I think that’s lovely but it doesn’t stop him from scratching in play the next day….Honestly, my mum thinks he sees me as a fellow cat. Well, that’s what you get when you meow at your cat in a way that he understands….


Fish has brought in so much of love and energy into our family and I can’t wait for all the adventures to come!

And that is a wrap,

Until next time….




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