Here’s a neat quote I came across; Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.

Better words could not have been said as winter is the season of snow, it’s the season of Christmas, it’s the realm of sweaters and hot chocolates and for some of us living beings, it is a call to a long bedtime. Yes hibernators, I’m talking to you. Personally, I’ve always felt jealous of the fact that some animals hibernate while humans don’t. I mean, they get to sleep and binge on their favourite collected snacks for months on end while us humans have to wake up on a Monday morning, no matter the temperature outside and jet of to a place of productivity. Nevertheless, hibernating animals are cute which justifies this injustice to certain extent.

Barring the unfairness of how some circadian rhythms work, winter happens to be a subjective entity. Some of us absolutely adore the cold while others tend to hate it while the other others just take it like a season, without any emotional connection. And due to this subjectivity, the season symbolises different things, depending on the opinions of those dealing with it.

To explore the different aspects of winter, Imma gonna detach from the real world and ski over to the place where queens make ice and lords ruin moods by brooding over the apocalypse and a skeleton writes a thesis on Christmas before abducting Santa Claus .

It’s time to dissect winter!



Let it go into the unknown!

For Elsa and Jack Frost, winter is the very essence of their lives. Ice runs through their veins and they are capable of twirling the snowflakes to their own sweet rhythm. This power of their calls for some heroic stunts and mind blowing aesthetics combined with the sense of peace associated with the gentle falling of snow but when triggered, their powers can turn a village into a deep freezer with no way out. However, these folks always have the choice of using their powers for the optimistic purposes or to use it as a weapon to wreck the world.

This holds true for any kind of power. Power is such an entity that can be quite overwhelming when first introduced but once the power is wielded, there is always an option to wield it for the better or for the worse.

Elsa and Jack passed the moral use of power test. I mean, Elsa practically ended global warming by owning every glacier and creating ten for each one that melts.


However, if you look at Jadis from Narnia, she took great pleasure in poking people with a wand and turning them into statues of ice. So much for Turkish delight. And who’d go and protest? No one wants to spend their lives as an ice sculpture. Her foolish wand waving and sculpting came to a brutal end courtesy Aslan which also shows that immoral use of power will only lead to terrible consequences.

Vive La Aslan!



Winter is coming.

This one is for Ned Stark’s constant blabbering about the arrival of winter when he lived in the snowy kingdom of Winterfell. I mean, the place is called Winter-fell, how much more of winter is he expecting?

That’s Game of Thrones for ya.

Winter is often associated with the perennial settlement of gloom where the trees go bare and the whole world is covered in alabaster with no sense of colour or that of liveliness, anywhere in sight. It also sheds light on the whole aspect of the cold that the season brings with it. This is the very essence of the fact that the folks in Game of Thrones compared a time of warfare, misery and grief to winter while the times of peace to summer.

A cold feeling is often one of the harshest places to be in. As human beings, it is our natural tendency to look for a sense of warmth be it in weather or in the matters of the heart. Cold carries with it a certain unspoken brutality which is capable of uprooting the soul in some rather deep places. Unlike heat, which presents itself with a clear source for instance the sun or a fire, cold originates from an invisible entity. Even water freezes to form ice when it gets to cold, hence ice is a consequence of cold. As heat comes from the presence of a source, cold comes from the lack of it which gives it a sense of mystery.

Cold tends to bring out the bare and vicious side of things, just like a cold heart which makes a monster out of man.

This cold, however only lasts as long as there is no source of energy bringing heat. So the best way to melt a cold atmosphere is to find the hidden pockets of energy within oneself and break the ice!

Unless it’s global warming, in which case we’ve got Elsa.




‘What’s this? What’s this?
There’s color everywhere
What’s this?
There’s white things in the air’

Winter is the time of the year when there is no limit to the cups of hot chocolate a person can have.


We human beings have a way of indicating the arrival of winter by the change in our activities. As the air gets colder, streets line themselves up with brighter lights, symbols of winter adorn every place, people begin to bring out warmer clothing and the whole world seems to get into a wholesome craving for warmth while embracing the settling cold.

Wherever we live, even though some places are just as cold throughout the year, the designated time for the season hits differently as it brings with it a whole festive mood which brings in a sense of excitement. This festive excitement is also fuelled by the fact that most of our sources of entertainment bring about special changes for the winter, giving everything a new perspective, for instance the Christmas Special Peanuts episodes.

Talking of the festive excitement, lets take Jack Skellington for instance. He loved the idea of snow and Christmas so much that he decided to abduct Santa Claus. Even though that is one bold move, we gonna be focusing on the motives which were nothing but innocent joy.


The feeling that comes with winter is one that is unique every season. Every winter is different from the one before and it is this rare uniqueness of the season that brings a new perspective of joy every time temperatures drop.

Winter seems to be a whole new world and when it’s over, it’s like waking up from a dream cause that’s when a Yeti hits the gong and the sun comes up.

Yetis do that every day but the end of winter is when we humans hear it. We probably do hibernate mentally after all!


And that is a wrap.

Until next time!


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