Mamma Mia! The best of fictional mums.

Here’s a question I ask myself often; What is my go-to solution for any problem, however major or minor it may be?

Here’s the answer, I sit down and think through the problem patiently before doing anything off the rocker cause no problem can be solved problematically.

And then I call for my mum.

In fact, 99.9% of the times, I call my mum. And in the remaining 0.1% of the times? Yup, I still call my mum. That’s the solution to everything.

Welcome to my weekend Ted Talk.

Mums are one of the most phenomenal creations in the universe. And not just in our real universe, they’ve dominated the fictional universe too. In this post, I bring to you the key elements that have spearheaded the Rise of the Mummies.

I said what I said.

Number 1: The Lychee Mum

Oohh Strong Start! The lychee mums are those that can be described just as the title suggests; Like a lychee. Rough on the exterior, soft and sweet on the inside and with a very strong heart.

Queen Elinor, Mrs. Weasley, where you ladies at?!









These mums are literally the most relatable mums in the fictional realm. Take Queen Elinor for example, she comes across as a hard taskmaster, very particular with discipline and etiquette, completely no-nonsense but towards the end, she’s the one that stands up for Merida, whether it is for sending the suitors away or reasoning with King Fergus’ fear of bears. She also realises that she was wrong in destroying Merida’s weapons and immediately tries to save them and even admits to being wrong in certain situations. This aspect makes this category of mums as close to life as fiction can get. Besides, what’s a mum without the occasional reminder of being a brat.

Number 2: The Silent Impact Mums.

These mums hit you right in the feels….

Here’s Presenting!

Mrs. Jumbo


Yes, I’m talking about this scene….

Mrs. Jumbo is one who barely talks throughout the movie but it’s her actions that speak the volumes. Right from the fact that she goes wild to protect her baby to the very act of her comforting him even when she herself ain’ in the best of places and to her defence of Dumbo from the other elephants that tease him for being mute. Her silent actions allow her heart to speak which amplifies her love all across the land.

Another silent Samaritan is Kala, Tarzan’s mummy. She took on a son of man after losing her own child and raised him without ever caring what the other gorillas thought of her.

He’ll be in her heart and she’ll be in every movie-goer’s. Always.

Number 3: The Top Notch Mums

These mums have one quality that is absolutely top notch.

Their Heart Rate.

Mrs. Bennet, Susan MacClare, I’m looking at you.

These mums haven’t been familiarised with the idea of breathing. Like, Sure Mrs. Bennet, your daughter will marry, ease off, there’s absolutely no need to get your bairn engaged to every man you lay a sight on.

And Susan, the world ain’ ending if your daughter slouches a bit or wears a plunging gown!

You’ll come across these mums in period dramas, especially if they have daughters. Their behaviour manages to get on every one of your nerves but one can truly understand their way of acting by actually understanding the way of life in the 1800s and so on. To us living in the 21st century, these are a bunch of mega boomers but probably in 1860, they’d be the ‘Mum of the Year’ for worrying and being so concerned about their daughters.

All in all, these mums add tremendously to the comedic side of things, Mrs. Bennet’s poor nerves for instance, and also show how humanity worked in a different way in the past and bring to light the whole concept of a generous gap.

Number 4: The Brave Mums

These mums will tolerate absolutely anything for their child and family.

Queen Sarabi for instance. She is one character who isn’t talked about much while discussing ‘The Lion King’. I mean, the lioness went through Scar’s rule, bearing every single abomination, despite being fed with the knowledge that she’d lost both Mufasa and Simba in a day. She did it for the Pride that needed her and for the memory of her family which she intended to uphold without once caving into pity. These mums are the literal queens.

Another one of these brave mums is Mrs. Incredible. I mean, you mess with Jack-Jack, you mess with her. Ain’ no train gonna stop this queen.

Number 5: The Universal Mums

These mums cater not only to their child, but also to the entire world whom they have rightfully adopted.


Kanga, for instance. She’s not just Roo’s mum, she mummies the entire Hundred Acre Wood. From making honey pies to satisfy Pooh’s rumbly to gifting Tigger a ball. She is truly in charge of all the Christmas lists.

And when placed in the darkest of places and times, these mums are the guiding lights.

Mrs. Potts for instance. She’s always ready to cheer anyone up with a nice cup of tea and even gives us one of the most romantic moments in film history courtesy her soothing vocal chords.

Tale as old as time, for these mums, the world’s a big baby.

BONUS: Mummy Quotes!

Words of wisdom that give us all a box on the ear.


And that is a wrap, like a nice, warm hug.

Until next time,

See ya!

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