And I thought the word ‘random’ was slang. Ok, well I didn’t but my English teachers sure did. It was like a standing instruction in class, “You use ‘random’, you lose marks! The ICSE board does not entertain slang!”

At that moment, all of us, by which I mean 40 ‘marks-thirsty’ girls readily agreed but as soon as the class ended, the first remark to be heard was, “who left this random bottle out here?!”

The world is full of random and randomnesses. Get it? Random randomnesses. Each day is full of them. At all points. Some of the random stuff is so random that you can’t help but pass a random comment on it. There are times where a random comment makes a situation into an embarrassing mess like if you aren’t paying attention and just to show that you are attentive you blurt out something random and what you’ve said is no way related to what’s going on. But sometimes when the random fortune smiles upon us, that random comment makes sense.

I’ve had a run-in with this random fortune recently. It was the art period in school and the teacher had told us to bring pieces of coloured cloth. For one thing, I hadn’t the slightest idea of what was going on. I just had a stack of cloth scraps on my desk. I looked around and saw the entire class busy with their needles and cloth pieces. It confused me even more as I didn’t see why we needed a needle? Wait, needed a needle? Ok, that was random, so anyway, just as I was scratching my head, trying to figure out my surroundings, I saw a red finger nail tap on my desk. I looked up and saw my art teacher standing, her eyes boring into me, I managed a straight expression but my inner self was like, “I’m innocent!” My teacher raised a brow and said “What are you planning to do with this?” I racked my brains, trying to find a smart answer. On the spur of the moment, I came up with something brilliant, “Flower,” I said softly. Now, let’s just take a pause and talk about that a minute. I mean, someone just glares at you and you’re at your wits’ end and the best thing you can do is blurt out something as random as flower, taking even yourself by surprise and all you get as a reply is,” Excellent! What are you waiting for then? Get on with it.” I must admit I’ve never been so surprised. I hadn’t seen it coming. It was so…. Well, it was so random (I can’t find a better word! I must have used it 50 times already. That’s a random guess. That makes it 51, probably)

Now, how about stray dogs in a mall. Or cows in a restaurant. Or a bat in a classroom. Or Tom Cruise cast as Jack Dawson. Imagine him standing on the deck with his arms spread out and his heart going on and on. Sweet? Ok, ignore the last one, he was chosen for the part but well, it changed. The other three, yeah those definitely took place. I didn’t believe my eyes at first either. I mean, c’mon. What are stray dogs supposed to do in a mall?! That’s randomness at its highest. It’s as if someone asks you a question, who’s the President of India? And you answer Bruce Lee. It doesn’t make sense at all but then again, it lightens you up. It’s always good for a laugh, and as someone (random?) said, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

So, what will it be next? I mean apart from those, I’ve seen a ferret in a swimming pool, heard of an ox on a football field. So, next, it might be a horse at the cinema hall. (Ok, a bit far-fetched but never say never!)

Federer rules!

Ok, now THAT’s random.

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  1. Nicely defined randomness which is happening around every now and then. Now that’s not random

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