Learning Asleep

I soared, high into the sky. My wings cut through the wind, I could literally taste the night. My mother had allowed me to hunt on my own just a few days ago and apparently, I did well the first few times. I showed off my spiky wings as I flew.

“Wicked flight, eh?” said Barty Bat, as I swooshed past him. “Here comes the next Usain Bat,” said Mikee, “Where to?”

“Hunting!” I exclaimed, “Catch you later.”

I zoomed past many other bats on their way for dinner. I sang ‘Best night’ to myself and went on a long way till I saw the treasure: a big, fat, white and delicious mouse who had just eaten a big fill. This certainly was the best night!

I swooped down on the kill with a perfect aim. Opening up my claws, I seized the unsuspecting mouse who had no clue he was going to be someone’s delicious dinner.

After licking my lips and reliving the taste twice more, I started flying ahead to find more prey. You must be thinking that this bat just had a big fat rat and he still wants more prey? Hey, I am still a kid, so I always pray for prey. Get it? So, I flew enjoying the night. I passed Mr. Owliston who greeted me with a ‘Who’ and flapped to me. After flying for about fifteen minutes, I saw a huge ‘Tree’ with a roof which was not made of leaves. In fact, I found it so peculiar that I thought it was a dream. To make sure I was not dreaming, I flew right into the trunk of this peculiar tree. Did I mention that this tree had four trunks and all were white? Anyways, it turned out that I wasn’t dreaming and I had hurt my head badly in the process.

Suddenly I saw a hollow in the tree. A very narrow one but could enter. Summoning all my courage, I slid into the hollow and my first observation, dark. Now that wasn’t necessarily the bad part, I love the dark. The part that disturbed me was the silence. I am NOT used to silence. My best friend Mikee is a hard rock star. He is always playing the coco-drums with his guitar as the drumstick. I live in a cave where it is never silent even in the morning! So, silence is new to me. I flew, slowly across the huge hollow. OK, huge. Let’s talk about this for a moment. This strange hollow was almost as huge as my cave! Can you imagine?!

Back to where we were. I flew across and suddenly ‘Thud’. I banged, again, but this time into a black colored trunk wall. I settled down and began to climb the trunk wall. It was a long tiring climb but worth it as it led to a cozy corner. I could see the sky from up there. No wonder I felt sleepy, the sun was about to rise. I propped up my feet and covered my eyes with my wings. I’d wake up tomorrow night and return home, mumzee knew I was adventurous. Comforted by this thought, I began to snore.

Suddenly, after what seemed like minutes someone yelled, “Miss! Miss! There is bat on that wall!” I was shaken up. At first, I thought it was a dream, but then again dreams never work for me. I tried to see who it was but being a bat, I couldn’t. All I could see was a dark abyss below me. I was annoyed by the sudden turn of events. I was just trying to sleep!

A human, yes, that was who it was. A human inside a tree hollow, very peculiar indeed. These humans need  to find a place everywhere. I also discovered a rather peculiar thing. Humans can’t hear! I screamed at the top of my voice telling the human that I am tired and let me sleep. But my protests fell on deaf ears.

“I want the bat to bite. That way I can be Batman!” said another voice. That one caught me off guard. ‘Yuck!’ I thought, ‘These humans think we bats bite them and they will be bat humans if we do?! No thanks.

“Girls, enough! Let the bat sleep. We were talking about Modal auxiliaries,” said someone in a louder and sterner tone. Apparently this human was as annoyed as I was. However there was something in this human’s tone that made me want to listen. This remark was followed by silence.

‘Auxiliaries’ I thought, fancy word. I kept listening. “Some of the common modals are can, could, may, might, shall, should, must etc. They are used to express possibility, ability, permission and obligation. For e.g. ‘Loud noise can damage your ears ‘- possibility, ‘May I come in?’-permission, She cou….” The voice stopped abruptly. I got disappointed as I was enjoying all the information. I could finally brag about it back home!

I was so lost in thinking about sharing my knowledge that I did not notice what was coming. I was pulled and shoved into a very uncomfortable place. I got terrified, I started scratching the wall of the unknown place but in vain. I tried to look for an opening, any opening. I felt trapped. Before I could do anything, I was being carried upwards. Up and up I went, when suddenly. I could breathe. I did not feel trapped any more. It felt like home! Well, in fact I was back home. I had been carried straight to my cave. I crawled up to my bed, happy and closed my eyes. I thought of the human tree, auxiliaries and the free ride back home. Now that’s a lot to learn, asleep, isn’t it? Good night.

4 thoughts on “Learning Asleep

  1. wow,
    that’s awesome!
    Very nice story.
    Reminds me of a Russian story of a baby Robin who gets trapped in a toddler’s house.
    Keep writing…

  2. Batman ofcourse!!! Brilliant!

    You have captured it all I will say. . .free ride back home! awwwww!!! How cool. . .we will sit through this journey again tonight with my daughter for our storytelling session! we are always looking for interesting stories everynight! This one will make my daughter think & imagine! Please keep writing!

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